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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #4

A. Alaverdyan, K. Maltsev Political nation, civil loyalty and «ethnicity» in the horizon of crossing consensus and political compromise
A. Bobkov, A.A. Bobkov, S. Galtsev Existential-humanistic worldview in the context of the crisis of thinking in modern education: setting the problem
N.B. Tetenkov Complex system thinking
A. Chechenov, R. Zheligotova, A. Kushkhova Social and philosophic analysis of institutional and inductively oriented approaches to the study of conflicts
I. Tkacheva Philosophical understanding of ideas about freedom in conditions of self-isolation
O. Brusko The concept and essence of the meaningful man’s axiosphere
Y.A. Petrova Signals and gestures, signs and symbols as a way of communication in subculture
A. Rudenko, G. Mogilevskaya Selfie: presentation of physicality in the social network Instagram
M. Dasuev, S. Umarova, A. Gatsaeva Active participation of German lands in international relations on the example of Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt
M. Dasuev, N. Rumachik, E. Shelukhina Role of the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Albert in the foreign policy of the state
K.G. Malikhin, O. Schekatunov The Bolshevik modernization of Russia in the 1920-1930s of the XX century in the estimates of N.V. Ustryalov
Ya. Evdokimov Relationship between authorities and regional print media in the 1990s of the XX century (based on materials of the Rostov region)
V.S. Zhuchenko Relevant problems of interethnic relations in Chechen-Ingushetia in 1989-1991 (on the basis of materials of the periodical press)
T.U. Elbuzdukaeva Technical training of workers in the Chechen Autonomous Region — Chechen-Ingush ASSR in the 1920-1930s of the XX century
S. Rogatko From the concept of "prohibition law" to real restrictive measures in distillery industry in the period of the First World War in Russia
V. Pavlenko Industrial gymnastics in the USSR at the end of the 1950s — the first half of the 1960s (based on materials of the Penza region)
L. Vardomatskaya, V. Kuznetsova Digital financial literacy in the face of financial technology transformation
Yu. Malanina, E. Gabdulina Modern methods for assessing the human resources of an organization
Yu. Malanina, K. Gorobets Assessment of the personnel of the transport company
O. Pilipets The use of neuromarketing in the automotive retail
L. Shtompel, O. Shtompel Dialectic comes out of the shadow or about the origins of philosophical thought in the Don Region

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