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ISSN 1997-2377

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Issue #2

V.N. Goncharov Information and scientific aspect of social development
S.S. Sudakov Methodological bases of the philosophy of pragmatism
D.A. Kharchenko Social typology and structure of Internet communities
A.M. Erokhin Religious consciousness in the context of the public relations
O.Yu. Kolosova Ratio of religion and science in christianity in the context of social development
T.H. Odaev Political and legal foundation of church-state relations in Russian Federation
E.V. Volokhova Methodological conceptual conditions modeling the problem of freedom in the context of philosophical anthropology and philosophy of culture
N.L. Vigel Tolerance as human value
V.A. Ter-Arakelyants Philo of Alexandria, Josephus Flavy on wickedness in Epicureanism
D.I. Polikarpov Understanding human nature in the context of idealistic anthropology
A.M. Kokkezova Matvey Presman — Rostov Safonov
A.A. Kireev Professional success of the practising psychologist: ideas and realias
E.V. Ezhak Subjectivity of techer within psychological analysis
D.I. Avramenko Psychological determination of professional success of education manager
V.P. Ponomarev, P.A. Ponomarev, M.M. Shubina Spiritual and moral education at high school
Ju.S. Ushaneva Implementation of the principle of scientific traditions in Russian academic school teaching fine arts
S.A. Pisarenko Laws of linear perspective and their comprehension in academic and creative sketch
E.K. Sklyarova, E.V. Chaplygina, O.N. Kamalova Rostov state medical university during the Great Patriotic war
L.P. Ketova Political alienation and state electoral politics in Russia (1992-1996)
M.A. Gutieva Social reforms in Russia in XIX century
E.G. Semergey Characteristics of scientific activity of the historian-orientalist A.C. Vyazigin
V.A. Bobkov Social living conditions of workers of arsenals in Russia in XVIII — the beginning of XX centuries
A.A. Verdesh Syntactic separation and syntactic merge as particular forms of discreteness and continuity in language and speech
O.V. Dyshekova, E.S. Gailamazova Conjunction definers and the text-forming function
A.V. Abovyan Modern advertising magazines in Russia: typological review (exemplified by Rostov region)
G.G. Zagaynova Some problems of interpretation and application of elective legislation
M.A. Isaichev Democracy idea in law heritage of P.I. Novgorodtsev
V.L. Rasskazov Moscow detective police between XIX-XX centuries: organization, function, staff
N.E. Pegovaya Idea of law relevance in theoretical and law methodology of P.I. Novgorodtsev and N.M. Korkunov
M.B. Mustafaev, F.M. Mustafaev, Z.S. Mustafaeva On some problems of formation process of law culture and personal law cognition
N.G. Alexandrova, N.R. Zagirova Analysis of the mortgage market in terms of macroeconomic instability
Yu.A. Timakina Vertical integration as company‚Äôs strategy of growth in modern terms
M.K. Chernyakov, M.M. Chernyakova Management of employment in labour market of the Novosibirsk region
T.M. Guboglo Analysis of the factors, which affect the formation of the relations of virtual property
N.V. Przhedetskaya Principles on the use of marketing mix in promotion of education services within changing market

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