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Issue #6

M. Kochetov The problem of 'qualia' through the perspective of Russian philosophy tradition
D. Sklyarov Observation as a method of scientific knowledge
A. Belov N.N. Strakhov about the union of philosophy and natural science (190 years since the birth of the Russian thinker)
A. Alferov The difference in the nature of the development of knowledge in the natural and social sciences and humanities
E. Papchenko Philosophy of technology: history and paradigms of the development
V. Sidelnikov Interdisciplinary education: a reflection of the real world
D. Burkin Features of legitimation of the power in contemporary Russia: philosophical analysis
N. Ravochkin Syncretism of politics and law in institutional manifestation: a socio-philosophical analysis
N. Gordeev Socio-philosophical analysis of the concept of «civil society»
V. Fomin Personality in the context of transformations of Russian society
A. Pokhilko, S. Sergeev Methodology for studying social identity in sociology and social philosophy
A. Dauletkeriev On the issue of education and labor education of young people in the conditions of scientific and technical progress
M. Volkov, M. Kochetov Modern interpretation of Russian civilizational choice in dichotomy of east and west contradiction
A. Bobkov, S. Sergeev Communication of religious experience and ethnocultural identity in the context of the philosophical ideas of Confucius: statement of a problem
E.E. Nesmeyanov, G. Kharlamova Spirituality as a concept and world view universal
N. Kondakova Understanding the problem of the relationship of religious and economic values in the national social thought
V.V. Gabeev Rational-theoretical philosophizing in the era of the formation of Christian theology
M.V. Likhushina Time images genesis in culture
F. Kulumbegova, D. Makoeva Russian bond market in terms of sanctions
A. Tavasieva, N. Mardeyan Economic development of the countries of the North and the South: impact on the world economy
E. Fomicheva Scientific and technological inertness of the Russian economy as a threat to economic security
L. Gurieva, Z. Kisiev Corruption in Russia: a youth perspective
E. Sklyarova, O. Kamalova Economic and medical social foundations of the formation of Victorian social policy
Yu. Ten, F. Mustafayev Problems of motivation of economic activity of customs officers
R. Btemirova Mathematical solution of economic problems in a digital economy
L. Gurieva The evolution of the socio-economic systems management system in the digital age
L. Gurieva, T.N. Prokopets, A. Kamalov Analysis of the impact of economic sanctions on the tourist flow in the regions of the Southern Federal District
A. Dzhioev The role of intellectual capital in achieving national competitiveness
F. Kairova, D. Kubatieva State support of small business in Russia
L. Lazarova, V. Bugulov Ways to improve the efficiency of budget spending
N. Mardeyan, Z. Tigiev Prospects for the use of software management methods of state and municipal finances
Z. Otarayeva, E. Khutyayeva Project management as a modern method of forming a system of state strategic management in Russia
N. Przhedetskaya, V. Sheveleva Features of the use of modern tools in the formation of regional economic policy
L. Rubaeva, A. Alborova Analysis of regional market for labor as a force in RNO Alanya
A. Slanov, V. Kasabiev The main problems of the practical implementation of the principles of program-oriented budget management in the Russian Federation
A. Slanov, D. Kokaeva Analysis of income and expenses of the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation
L. Tuaeva, S. Reznichenko Improving the methodology of human capital management in the interests of innovative development
T. Shelkunova, V. Mikhailova Review of methods of state regulation of the economy
K.V. Vodenko, O. Ivanchenko Harmonization of dominant and complementary institutions in the context of overcoming path-dependence and modernization of the Russian public administration system
M. Kalagova, S. Tavkazakhov Legislative and normative bases of interbudget relations in Russian Federation
F. Kairova, G. Karkusov Municipal budget planning
G. Nazarenko, E. Gruzdneva, A. Sopchenko Financial stability as the basis of the economic security of the Russian Federation
F. Kairova, A. Plieva Efficiency of formation of financial resources of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in modern conditions
M. Tuskayeva, I. Pisarenko Taxation of small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian Federation
M. Tuskayeva, K. Polatidi Features of the development of the modern tax system of Russia
M. Tuskayeva, T. Tsarikayeva Features of the formation of federal budget revenues
E. Ivanova, K. Abubakarov Retrospective analysis of the corporate control system in Russia
F. Kubatieva New conditions for the organization of internal control in budgetary institutions of higher education
A. Kuzminov Valuation of expert analysis in the system of SMART enterprise management
S. Smirnov Business management projecting system when creating a new business-project
M. Volik Digital Economics and information technology in campaign management
I. Gagloeva Automation of internal financial control of budgetary institutions
Yu. Makieva, Z. Gasanova Intellectual information technologies in economics and management

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